Nitrous oxide or laughing gas, can be used to take the edge off of procedures that may cause anxiety. In a few short minutes, you’ll feel much more at ease. This can be safely used on children and adults. Nitrous is completely reversible, you do not need a driver, and you will be ok to resume your normal daily routine at the end of your appointment.


Oral Sedation

Dental fears are real. With regards to a dental visit, it is estimated around 75% of adults have some amount of fear or anxiety. Oral sedation is a wonderful way to help patients relax and sometimes sleep through a procedure. Oral sedation is much less invasive than IV sedation, and requires a driver to and from the appointment to assure the patient safely gets home.

Oral sedation has also been shown to help reduce severe gag reflexes that limit the ability to work in certain areas of the mouth.


IV Sedation

This type of sedation is done on a case by case basis. We work with a local licensed dental anesthesiologist who will put you in a deeper level of sedation. Please inquire.

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