Full Denture

Full dentures restore form and function of entire upper and lower teeth. These can either be made with no teeth present or made with unsalvageable teeth in mind. In a few short appointments, we can restore your smile back to how it was utilizing techniques to make a correct bite and natural look. There are endless shapes, sizes, and shades of denture teeth that we have access to, and can even match what you had previously if you bring in an old photo!


Partial Denture

Partial dentures restore form and function of upper or lower jaws that have one or more healthy or salvageable teeth present. These types of dentures utilize clasps and retentive features that clip onto your existing teeth. The teeth shape, size, and color will be matched to the teeth remaining in your mouth to give you a natural look. Partial dentures can be made with a metal framework for great stability or out of a flexible material in areas in need of higher esthetics.


Implant Supported

Having trouble with a denture not fitting? Implants are great solution to help stabilize the denture in your mouth without the need of a messy denture adhesive. This can take anywhere between 2 to 6 implants, depending on your needs and desires. The implants act as stabilizers and inside of the denture is relined with attachments that precisely fit over the implants, snapping into place. This gives you the ability to clean your denture like normal, but gives you the confidence that your denture will stay in place.

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